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10 honest tips to boost sales this 2016

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With the internet being so popular and frequently used right now by all ages, it is     difficult to emerge above the different noises or nuisance content being produced      everyday by people. But that won’t stop determined companies and enterprises        to produce unique and valuable contents this year.

There are different marketing agencies scattered around the world showing that their service is different from the others. Whatever the objective of any marketing team is, whether that may be for brand awareness, engagement, call to action, the sole purpose as to why they do their campaign is primarily because to increase sales.

 We provide you things that all of these marketing agencies have and what they will do to improve the standing of your business.

  1. Improve your website

A boring and stale website will discourage any potential customer to subscribe to your service or product. Know that an average person’s attention span is less than 5 seconds. If they don’t see your site as creative, intriguing or persuasive in a way, they won’t engage with it. Marketing agencies would revamp your website and make it more interactive to the users.  They will make it bright, play with colors and place some engaging graphics to sooth the consumer’s eyes. Web developers also would make your website be responsive when the customer checks it out via their phone.

  1. Scale in social media

Marketing agencies would take hold of your social media to effectively engage with your followers and convert potential customers. Having a social media presence is key to your business because most consumers spend a lot of time in different social media platform. That is where their eyes and ears are. If your marketing team or agency is good enough to know how to approach the consumers on different social media platforms – where everything constantly changing and updating.

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is such a big help to your business because it helps your brand or business to be visible in the biggest and widely used search engine by people. Getting your company on the top of that list grants you a higher chance of getting a sale or traffic since people who search on Google tends to be specific on what they are looking for.

  1. Study previous campaigns

Data analysis of previous campaigns is a very big help when you run ads this 2016. It helps you look at a more in-depth view of what works and what doesn’t for your website. You can capitalize on what worked the previous campaign and think of many ways on how you can improve it or at least tweak it. You can learn from what didn’t worked by analyzing on why it showed bad data and it also aids you in learning as to what your existing and potential customer want from your business.

  1. SEO is still useful

Some marketing agencies will argue on whether SEO is still effective or not. Nevertheless, SEO has almost the same benefits as Google AdWords. Ranking high on the search engine that most people use to look or plainly search for something will put your business in an advantageous position. SEO  is a lengthy process but it is definitely worth it. A good marketing agency or team would know how to effectively boost your business’ website in Google so that it will gain more website traffic, conversion and sales.

  1. Content Creation

Content creation is not simply just putting out content every 2 hours in your website and other social media accounts connected to it. But the content has to be true, unique and engaging. Unique in the sense that it stands out from every other plain content produced everyday by different people in the internet. True in a way that you are just not making up things to make your product be much more enticing. It has to be true for it to be valued by your consumer. Otherwise, they might think that you just want their money but they have nothing to gain from your product or service. Engaging is making your contents speak to your customers. Make sure what you put in your content is what your customers would like to see.

  1. Adapt to change

If you think that content is just plainly writing of articles and blogs then you have to come out of the rock that you have been living in for the past years. We heard the saying that “content is king” because content creation encompasses writing, pictures, infographics, music, video, podcasts. Adapting to change is one vital skill needed to be learned when it comes to the internet.

  1. Sufficient knowledge in programming

A knowledge in programming would also effectively boost your website conversions. Creating hard coded landing pages for your site is of big help because it is a call to action on the side of your website visitor. In the landing page, you can state there that if they subscribe to your newsletter, they get a free ebook or a discount on their next purchase. It is about again persuading and enticing your consumers.

  1. Long term goals

When setting up for goals to be achieved in your business, it will be healthy for your company to pick the long term ones. Any ad campaign to be successful and see good results need to be lengthy since you are maintaining current customers and converting potential ones. Gaining the trust of potential customers is a long road since you need to prove to them that you bring value to them. It takes time to prove your service and product to be amazing for your customers but once done right, increase of traffic and sales is right around the corner.

  1. Attention is needed

Be attentive. Again, in a world that change is constantly happening, it is vital to look and search for the different trends that people jump in to. Look at what’s popular to your consumer demographic; be on the lookout for the emerging platforms that may be potentially jumped in to. Always be attentive for it will differentiate you from your competition.