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Gaining Local Business With Plano SEO Experts

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Plano SEO for your local business

Strategy and design for increasing your website’s search results is a service provided by one of the top online marketing companies in Plano TX. Total Online Marketing, based in Collin County, just north of Dallas, provides customers with complete online marketing services.Plano SEO service web design

Total Online Marketing uses their experience as local SEO experts to design a strategy specific to your website, business plans, and marketing efforts. Your custom designed plan will boost your search rankings and increase visitors to your website. To complete your local online marketing, you can utilize the social media marketing services and online reputation management that often overwhelms many businesses. Having a professional manage these important aspects of local online marketing is one of the strategies that will provide maximum exposure with limited risk.

If your website is in need of reconditioning, Total Online Marketing has a complete design staff ready to make your Plano web design the best it can be. Your new web design would include all aspects of online marketing, including correct location citations, key search term optimization, simple onsite navigation (so your visitors can find what they are looking for,) and on-page optimization (so search engines can find what they are looking for.) Additionally, as part of the complete Plano SEO experts strategy, we will appropriately find and link information related to your business and site to drive more relevant traffic to your online business.

Summary of Plano SEO experts: Total Online Marketing

For your local online marketing strategy, you will need:

  • Optimized web site
    • Make it easy for visitors and search engines to navigate your site
    • Use a mobile friendly design so that your visitors can access your site on their smart phones
  • Social Media presence
    • Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to their fullest
  • Accurate map citations
    • Use a consistent address location for all online maps and citations
  • Good, Quality content
    • Provide interesting and valuable articles and content in the form of images, videos and written word.
    • How-to and informational articles provide immense value to your visitors.

These steps are best executed with the professional staff at Total Online Marketing. Find them today at